Friday, 17 February 2012


How lucky was I when I woke up valentine morning with a huge arrangement of pink and white flowers.  Married to me and being a florist he wanted to please and make me happy by buying nothing but the best, and he didn't disappoint.  He is a romantic at heart but what he didn't buy me was a card!!!  I asked why he would buy flowers and not a card?  His answer was he was sure he could please me with flowers but when it comes to cards then I'm difficult to please!!!!!  My response to that was I would rather he made me a card or even cut out a heart anything but he knew that if he bought one it wouldn't be the same and he is right.  A card made by your own hands means so much more.  But I didn't mind at all as the flowers will last me a couple of weeks.

Here are some cards I made for valentines. One is from crafty individual and the other is from paper artsy.  As per usual loved making them using embossing powder,heart punches and coloured in copics, all for the theme of love.
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